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When you search for a “Notary near me” what exactly are you searching for? What defines a “good” notary? Here is my take on what a good notary is:    1. Availability. Obviously being available is key. As a customer seeking a service provider, it stands to reason you need someone who is available. Add to that someone who is flexible. Even the busiest notaries have some flexibility in their schedules unless they are strictly adhering to certain business hours or only certain types of notarizations.  2. Certified, bonded and / or insured. For notaries there can be a lot riding on their “signature” so being properly certified and having required insurances is essential. Not every notary is certified or insured for every type of notarization.    3. Simplicity. A good notary is not going to make meeting your needs sound like a chore or challenge. A good notary, like any individual in the service industry, provides excelling customer service by making their customers feel important and valued. After all, it is the customers that make this business possible. A good notary is not going to just get the job done to collect their fee but rather they make meeting your needs the heart of their business.  Next time you are searching for a “Notary near me” you won’t have to search farther than MK Notary Services, LLC. Available. Flexible. Certified and insured. Simple: Your business is my business.

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